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What Seniors Should Know - Driving You Crazy Seniors On The Road
What Seniors Should Know - What Seniors Should Know articles
What Seniors Should Know - What Seniors Should Know articles

Driving You Crazy Seniors On The Road

Driving You Crazy: Seniors On The Road

As we all get older, we become set in our ways and certain things become a part of our daily routines. Driving is one of them. The freedom being able to drive brings is unparalleled. If you can drive, you can go where you please whenever you please. However, seniors have to be more responsible when it comes to their time on the road. Seniors usually make the best drivers, simply because they have the experience to avoid problems and accidents, which may be a reason why insurance gets progressively lower as a driver gets older. However, there does come a time when a senior must part ways with the freedom of the road.

If you have reached senior age and are still driving, you do need to take precautions before heading out onto the road. Most of these precautions are common sense but are designed to make you that little bit safer on the road, both for yourself and for other drivers in general. Firstly, you must book in regular eye tests and doctor's health checks. Both sorts of appointment can highlight any health problems that may impede your driving and compromise your safety.

Your eyesight is especially important because it enables you to spot and avoid hazards on the road, including other drivers when necessary! If you need vision correction glasses then always wear them when your drive, and get them updated as often as necessary so that they are the correct strength for driving. However, general eyesight is not the main cause of accidents involving a senior driver. That dubious honor goes to senior drivers out after dark. Night vision is actually the most pressing problem for the majority of seniors on the road. Some seniors do not feel safe, and thus don't feel confident when they are driving after dark. Driving too slowly actually causes just as many accidents as driving too fast. Other senior drivers just cannot see very well in the dark. Either way, if you do want to continue driving the best option is simply this - only drive in the light of day!

Afflictions such as arthritis can affect your ability to drive safely. A stiffening of muscles and joints restricts your ability to move and therefore also impedes your reactions should you have to avoid a potential accident. Some doctors and physiotherapists will advise seniors with arthritis to stretch or go through a quick exercise routine before getting behind the wheel of a car. They can tailor a little routine to your own personal needs, providing that you do not suffer with a more severe form of arthritis of course.

If you do decide that it is time to hang up your keys for good, or are advised to by your doctor, there are always public transport incentives for local systems. Many seniors are eligible for the proverbial free bus pass and many other modes of transport actually give seniors discounted travel. As you are getting something for nothing here then it cannot be a bad deal, even if you loved driving and the freedom it gave you before.

The fact remains though that if you are not safe on the road then it is time to stop driving before you cause or are involved in a serious accident. Anyone who is unfit to drive, regardless of age, just serves to make the road a more dangerous place to be, which is not fair to everyone else. Pay particular attention to how you feel physically and mentally whilst you are driving, and you will know when the time is right to quit.

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