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What Seniors Should Know - Employment Matters Working Into Your Later Years
What Seniors Should Know - What Seniors Should Know articles
What Seniors Should Know - What Seniors Should Know articles

Employment Matters Working Into Your Later Years

Employment Matters: Working Into Your Later Years

When individuals are in their twenties or thirties, they often vow to earn enough money to retire as early as possible. At that early age, they have the misguided notion that as soon as they hit their sixties life will be all sunshine and roses. The reality, as many seniors know, is completely different. More and more people worldwide are having to work into their seventies because of financial shortfalls in their expected earnings. Some seniors are choosing to continue to work well into their seventies because they find it therapeutic or it provides them will a social life and something to do. Either way, there are certain things that seniors should know about working through their retirement.

All seniors should undergo regular health checks to determine whether or not it is in their best interests to work. As we get older, we become more susceptible to ailments and maladies because the body degrades over time. Unfortunately, this means we all become less mobile as we get older. Ironically though, working into old age often keeps individuals more mobile than they would be if they were sitting at home during their retirement. Remaining inactive for a period of time often causes joints to stiffen, thus making it more difficult to move. However, working for just an hour a day will encourage the natural movement of the joints and exercise the muscles around them, thus making the body suppler in general.

If you do decide to continue working past your retirement age, for whatever reason, you should be aware that seniors have been discriminated against in the past. Some employers dislike employing mature people because of a misguided notion that seniors cannot do a job better than a younger person. However, research by the Congress of California has revealed that seniors are actually less likely to phone in sick or quit and are on the whole more reliable. However, it has actually been a diverse mix of human rights and an aging population has forced the government's hand. Discrimination against seniors has been outlawed in most states and labor laws have been altered to reflect this. It is now illegal for any employer to refuse to hire a senior on the basis of their age and they have to give a meaningful reason as to why they have refused a senior applicant a job.

Seniors actively looking for a part - or full - time job should try agencies that are designed to cater for their specific employment needs. Local councils, employment centers and age concern groups often provide a service that is geared towards meeting the needs of seniors looking for employment. Employers actually contact these groups with vacancies that they would prefer to be filled by more mature people, thus removing the slight possibility of being discriminated against.

We all like to think that, as we get older, we will be able to enjoy life more as well as making the most of our free time during our retirement. The sad fact is that life just isn't that simple or fair. Employment often means more to the old than it does to the young. Whether you, as a senior, remain working to earn a living or as a social exercise, always remember to put your mental and physical health first. Make sure that you get regular check ups at the doctors' surgery and use available resources to get a job suitable for both you and your situation. Retirement is about enjoyment, even if you do choose to work, so make the most of these opportunities and take care of yourself at the same time.

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